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We Carry Nordictrack Elliptical Parts, Home Gym Power Products and a Gel Seat Cover


You love bike riding. You really love long rides on your bike. You spend the nice days on the road and the rainy or otherwise bad weather days inside on your stationary bike. The only thing you don’t like about riding is the seat. The seats on both your regular and stationary bike are a little stiff. That is, your bike seat could deflect a bullet. What you need is padding, and plenty of it. By adding a gel pad bike seat cover to both your bikes, you will experience comfort and joy. We are not kidding.

Any biker will tell you when riding over terrain that is less than smooth and level, the backside will get bruised. The simple way to end this unnecessary pain and suffering is by utilizing a padded bike seat cover. You see, the seat cover acts as a shock absorber, lessening the bump on your bum. Your bottom side will thank you.

If you spend extended periods of time on your stationary bike, you will suffer discomfort. It takes all the fun out of riding when all you can think about is how sore your tush is. Investing in a gel seat cover for your stationary bike is a smart move. With those investing skills, perhaps you should try your hand in the stock market.

In many cases, the length of your ride is closely associated with the pain you suffer in the rear. The addition of a gel bike seat cover means you can ride all day long and still feel awesome.

At Home Gym Power, we carry that cushioned seat cover you desire. We also carry Nordictrack elliptical parts and home gym power products. Come check out what we have available. 

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