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If You are in Need of Parts for Your NordicTrack Elliptical, Visit Our Website


There are some people who hate using an elliptical and others who think it’s the greatest way to exercise. We happen to think our elliptical is quite groovy. We turn to our elliptical when we need a cardio boost that is not terribly demanding on our bodies. We have discovered that utilizing our elliptical is far more pleasant when we keep ourselves entertained. And these are the ways we do just that.

One way to beat down boredom on the elliptical is to have a few of your favorite magazines handy. The females love perusing through stories and articles from Shape, Self, Entertainment Weekly and Cosmopolitan. Men prefer paging through Mad magazine, Sport’s Illustrated or gawking through Cosmopolitan.

Streaming television is the best thing to come along since cell phones. We prefer streaming on our iPad, but smartphones or iPods will do just as well. We utilize Netflix, but we understand if you prefer Hulu. We got through the entire series of Breaking Bad in record time, all while keeping ourselves healthy.

Podcasts are another great way to pass the time while on the elliptical. We are fans of NPR’s Prairie Home Companion and The Car Talk Guys. If the mood is right, we listen to some of the better comedians. We know somebody who utilized Rosetta Stone and was speaking Spanish in just a few short months.

We know just how much you love your elliptical. If you are in need of parts for your NordicTrack elliptical, visit our website. 

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